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Privacy Policy (Personal Information Management)

Motorcycle Parts Accessories from Japan | SPIRALSPINNERSPIRALSPINNER Co., Ltd. ( "SPIRALSPINNER" or "we," "us" or “our”) honor laws of protecting personal information and manage personal information with following policies.

  1. What is Personal Information?
    It is information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and purchase history that can or may identify certain individuals.Including information that may identify a certain person by combining more than one type of information. (occupancy and age, etc.)
  2. Personal Information We Collect
    Usually, to view Motorcycle Parts Accessories from Japan | SPIRALSPINNER website ("our site"), we do not ask to enter or share any personal information. You may view as anonymous. However, to register for membership, place an order, contact us, or leave a customer review, we would ask to enter customer name, address, phone number, and/or e-mail address. For the purposes of those personal information、please refer to "3. The Purposes For Which We Collect And Use Information", for management of personal information please refer to "4. Personal Information Management ".
  3. The Purposes For Which We Collect And Use Information
    We use personal information for the following general purposes:
    • to ship and charge orders;to verify credit card number you used for payment;.
    • to verify order and shipping information;
    • to advertise our sales campaign, promotional products and service;
    • to review customer comments, survey, and usage history;
    • to remember login information to ease the login process (We use Cookies. Customers may decide to use or not to use);
    • other internal purposes.
  4. Personal Information Management
    We use the following systems to manage personal information.
    • We limit usage of personal information only for our business and manage personal information thoroughly. However, we would share personal information with the third party to accomplish business (provide products and/or service). In such case, we supervise the third party for management of personal information appropriately.
    • We take proper measures to discard personal information when no longer needed.
  5. Release of Personal Information
    We do not release personal information to a third party withot your permission. The following exceptions apply:
    • requested by government office, judicial court, prosecutor's office, police, lawyer's association、consumer protection agency, and/or other equivalent agency/institution;
    • laws with special regulation;
    • to protect our rights, property, and/or service from customer's illegal act and/or fail to carry out the terms of the contract and cannot receive agreement from customer.
    The venders needed to conduct business transactions, such as delivery companies, are not a third party.
  6. Coverage
    Coverage of above privacy policy is limited within our website. (

We take proper measures to manage personal information. We continue try to provide high quality service for customer satisfaction. Please support our personal information management.

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