Regular holiday of 10,2017
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For business (Resale) products, we would order only from motorcycle, custom motorcycle, and supply stores.
(car dealer and factories are not included)
To purchase as resale, please provide following for verification.
(Company website address, photo(s) of business building, Business License ID issued by government, Tax ID) After verifying, we determine for resale.

Price of item may be changed without notice with change of material price.We do not adjust item price after ordering.

You may contact us by e-mail only at (
Please do not send e-mail to for resale. (This address is only for general customers)
We do not accept change of your order details after the placing order.Please register on our company website to place an order.

Manuals are only available in Japanese.

We carefully inspect (lighting, scratches) on all items. However, there may be incidental defects, dealers should provide appropriate service to their customers. If we receive claim(s) from your customer(s) directly, we will terminate business with your company.

We will reorder replacements for defective item(s). It will take as long as the first order. Please provide proper customer service to your clients.
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